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It's Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set
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  •  Chris's Landmark Video Presentation on Sales Mind-Set. 
  •  Chris's Video Presentation of "How To Attract New Clients Without Cold Calling."
  •  Chris's Video Seminar "How To Deal With Prospects Who Are Avoiding You"
  •  Instant Electronic Access to the PDF of It's Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set
  •  And MORE!
“While the sales process itself "outer-focused" - it's all about focusing on and bringing exceptional value to the customer - success in sales begins with the mindset and confidence level of the sales professional. That's the inner game. And,in this brief, fun-to-read, and hugely impactful book, we get to learn from a master teacher how to identify what might be holding us back, and how to turn it into a strength.

A very successful entrepreneur and highly-regarded podcaster, Chis has a way of bringing his reader right into the story, making us a part of it, and helping us, just as if we were actually part of the seminar in the story. Only, we don't have to travel anywhere in order to get there. I would highly recommend this book to anyone in sales. Actually, I'd highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of whether they are directly "in sales" or not. His teaching will simply help you to live a better, more fulfilling, and happier life. Fantastic!”  
Bob Burg, Author of The Go Giver and Endless Referrals
“Equipped with the right vision and the right mind-set, you can’t go wrong with It’s Time to Sell. Wrapped in an engaging narrative format, Spurvey’s book shows you—rather than tells you—the basic tools that you need to become an expert in selling. With powerful and evocative lessons inspired by the author’s own experiences, this book will inspire you to become an expert too. You’ll learn about cultivating the right mind-set, overcoming self-doubt, and more—and you’ll be drawn into the flow of a great story.”  
Marketing Strategy Consultant, Author of Stand Out and Entrepreneurial You
“Spurvey has a unique perspective on sales. Defining success and focusing on gratitude, shifting attitude, and using a cycle of success, his emphasis on a vision shift can help anyone looking to refocus on success.”  
Mandy Woodland, Lawyer
"While Spurvey’s intent was to write a book targeted at sales, I think he has gone much further. It certainly doesn’t read like a book about sales. Yet it embraces the new philosophies that people need to consider in order to be successful in sales today." 
Joel Sweeney, Owner, Professionally Speaking
“Not your typical business book, It’s Time to Sell will captivate you and inspire you at the same time. Chris has relayed his knowledge of and talent for sales in a way that’s easy to read and absorb. This book has changed my outlook on business and how I approach selling.”
Chris Duff, Realtor
"Spurvey doesn’t tell you lessons of a life in sales, he brings you along the journey with him so that you experience it, internalize it, and grow from it."
Sam Bromley, Managing Director, Whitecap Scientific Corporation
“It’s Time to Sell changed my perspective on selling and challenged my thinking about what I’ve read from other sales and self-help authors. I began to look at not only my career but also my personal life in a different light. It’s Time to Sell is a must-read for today’s sales professionals and for all professionals in today’s uber-competitive work environment”
Leslie Penney
General Manager and Senior Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Alliance Provincial Mortgage Group
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